We love you Athens!

Classic City Love is a movement that sprang to life in Athens, Georgia in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. We at Kaptiv8 witnessed – firsthand – our beloved local businesses being forced to close, or severely limit their services, in ways that could threaten their existence.

We recognized that behind each business, there are people who depend on its operation for their welfare. Chefs and wait staff, musicians and sound engineers, bartenders and baristas, stylists and barbers. Hardworking people who are among the lifeblood of this community.

With promotional support from our friends at The Athens Downtown Development Authority and The Athens Area Chamber of Commerce, development support from Codacopia, and by utilizing key data compiled by Online Athens and The Flagpole, Kaptiv8 took the lead on this venture because we wanted to help our community during this difficult time, and this was our best opportunity to contribute.

Hang in there Athens. We’ll get through this, together.